Gone? Already?

This is more of a rant than a real post.
I've been "living" my Second Life for many years, with ups and downs..and the only really horrendous reality of that place is that nothing is forever.
I've witnessed the birth and death of so many sims and places that I've lost count.
My landmarks' folder used to have literally thousands of listed lms..and is now reduced to a hundred, to be optimistic.
It's been ...one week? since my latest blog update, the one about "pink salon": I've just come back to see that the place is gone. The land is abandoned and on resale.

It's ok, that's the harsh reality of a virtual and inconsistent world like SL. What bothers me a lot more is that the only ideas that seem to stick are shops, gatchas and shopping events: Second Life used to be the land of dreams, of new ideas, of the impossible made possible. Now it's reduced to an abandoned wasteland inhabited by the memories of "old" citizens like me ..and the rest is speculation.
Meshes killed originality, but the truth is ...originality was dead a long ago. Prices are high, you need to be a millionaire in order to maintain the fees for renting a parcel..let alone entire sims. And that's, folks, is how you kill a brilliant world and make it so painfully similar to the one we live in, outside.

I am so fuc***g tired of this.
And that is why, from now on, I won't review ANY shop, any "brand" and anything to do with gatchas and those stupid things. There's already a million places to find and read about that stuff.
I will also prefer original and (I don't care if) old, imperfect and non-gatcha items made up of- places instead of the ones everyone seems to like lately.

Goodbye, and thanks for the fish.



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