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The Colours of Loss and Healing

 "An artistic collaboration by iSkye Silverweb and Ahnue Heartlight: iSkye's visual and poetic expression; Ahnue's infusion of sound and rhythm; Dubhna Rhiadra's voice in a journey through the heart of loss into the healing knowledge that love continues on."

This place just breaks my heart. It is meant to share and cope with the pain of loosing someone we love, be it a person or a pet: it's ...suspension. I think iSkye's installations talk so much there's no words to escribe how moving and deeply touching this place is. There's only a few symbols, scattered through a desert landscape, filled with remains of colours here and there. Exasperated colours and shattered surfaces, like someplace that has somehow survived an earthquake and is painfully trying to remember what it was like, before.
There's a parrot that follows every step you make, appearing in many forms and asking for attention: "Pet me."  Pet him..pet yourself, pet your soul. Let this place move you and heal you, somehow, sometimes.
There's a big book, a book where you can leave your trace, leave something that reminds you, reminds everyone, about whom you lost. Because it is never, ever, really gone.

This place filled me with tears. I left my note on the big book.



[small cozy places] - She Wolf & Wolfsongs

I was wandering with absolutely no idea of  where and what I was doing, when I recalled a friend of mine gave me a lm some days ago and I still had to check it. So yeah, I went there and I was greeted with a simple mesh objects store. Then I took a look at the surroundings and it was a surprisingly nice sim, with a lot of cute houses and shops (even a toy tigers' one!!! *_*).
Anyway, one of the best looking places was this small and cozy pub, with a mix of grungey-country-rock elements and a funny santa dog at the door  XD
I immediately felt like home. The place was empty and very quiet, no music at all, but the insides are just as hilarious and welcoming as the outside! A little heaven for nerds, full of reminders to books, movies and series.

I really liked this venue and I will surely be back here from time to time, when I need some space to be comfortable and alone..something that I desperately need, lately.

On a side note, with this entry I'm starting the "small cozy places" series which is kinda self explanatory ;)

TAXI :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arcania/110/169/27


SynthetiK BunkeR : Industrial Club

I love EBM music and lately has been hard to find a decent club to hang out in, since most of them have closed or offer a very poor schedule with boring music.
I usually spend one day or two every now and then trying to find a new place where I can listen to my fave tunes, with no gestures no exploders no people with blings and totally unrelated outfits, no invasive hosts, etc... and I finally found an interesting one!!
SynthetiK BunkeR is a very cool and big club, with regular DJs and a very interesting schedule, nice people and a stunning location.
Nothing more, nothing less. Wanna spend some nice hours with good music? Pay them a visit!

TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Souls/201/139/3503


Gone? Already?

This is more of a rant than a real post.
I've been "living" my Second Life for many years, with ups and downs..and the only really horrendous reality of that place is that nothing is forever.
I've witnessed the birth and death of so many sims and places that I've lost count.
My landmarks' folder used to have literally thousands of listed lms..and is now reduced to a hundred, to be optimistic.
It's been ...one week? since my latest blog update, the one about "pink salon": I've just come back to see that the place is gone. The land is abandoned and on resale.

It's ok, that's the harsh reality of a virtual and inconsistent world like SL. What bothers me a lot more is that the only ideas that seem to stick are shops, gatchas and shopping events: Second Life used to be the land of dreams, of new ideas, of the impossible made possible. Now it's reduced to an abandoned wasteland inhabited by the memories of "old" citizens like me ..and the rest is speculation.
Meshes killed originality, but the truth is ...originality was dead a long ago. Prices are high, you need to be a millionaire in order to maintain the fees for renting a parcel..let alone entire sims. And that's, folks, is how you kill a brilliant world and make it so painfully similar to the one we live in, outside.

I am so fuc***g tired of this.
And that is why, from now on, I won't review ANY shop, any "brand" and anything to do with gatchas and those stupid things. There's already a million places to find and read about that stuff.
I will also prefer original and (I don't care if) old, imperfect and non-gatcha items made up of- places instead of the ones everyone seems to like lately.

Goodbye, and thanks for the fish.


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